Food & Astrology | Pisces (Feb 22 - March 21)

Leeks vinaigrette, cod and hazelnuts.

Leeks vinaigrette, cod and hazelnuts.

Represented by two fish tied together, pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, third and last sign of the winter. It is important to understand the energy of this sign, as various planets travel through Pisces all year long.

As winter ends, the days are getting longer and the temperature higher. The snows melts and water starts to flow again. The sign of pisces is a sign of symbiosis: seeking unity and fusion with all the surrounding. Pisces behaves like this also with foods.

During this period build vitality and energy with a light diet. Support your immune system with foods like carrot, cabbage, fish, fresh greens, lemon and raw fruits. Do not overeat, listen to your body and your needs. Fresh juices and herbal teas will help in this transition. Make the right dietary choices, eat what you like especially if it’s natural.

1st decan (19-28/29 Feb): Take care of the pancreas by eating high fiber foods, raw vegetables and fruits. Replace refinerated sugar with acacia honey or agave syrup.

2nd decan (1-9 March): In that period the immune system is weaker, to prevent getting sick adopt a light and healthy diet. Do not overeat to protect the liver and the abdominal area.

3rd decan (10-20 March): As the immune system get stronger it is recommended to add foods such as carrot and cabbage in your diet to prevent from intestinal inflammation.

Recipe for the Pisces HERE

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