Food & Astrology | Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19)

Beyond excited to finally share this new project with you guys. I am doing it with french astrologer Paqui Conde who is working with people all around the world. We have been exchanging ideas, working on this project together for the last 6 months and I cannot wait for you to discover it!

Each month, I will highlight an astrological sign by offering recipes and tips. Each recipe will show you the importance of using local and seasonal ingredients, taking into account the energy of the astrological signs we are in. But even if that sign isn't yours, I invite you to try the recipes anyway. They will introduce you to the ingredients you should be eating and to the dominant energy during the season in question.

Our body has phases and as we go through the seasons, our needs change with them. Zodiac signs are connected to the seasons; meaning seasons, nutrition and astrology are all related and working together.

This month we will start with the Capricorn. I am looking forward to your feedbacks! Hopefully you guys enjoy the coming recipes.

Camille x

Carrot & ginger soup, roasted chestnut, wheat germ.

Carrot & ginger soup, roasted chestnut, wheat germ.


December 21 - January 19

Capricorn is often represented in the form of a half goat, half-fish drawing, a mythology creature known as the sea goat. It is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is in the first month of winter. It is cold outside, nature rests and we enter into an hibernating world.

Balance your diet with warm and nourishing meals to fight the cold, avoiding sugary and greasy food to prevent from stocking bad fat in your body.

Ingredients such as spinach, carrot, turnip, fennel, anise, cumin, celery, dry raisin, wheat germ, avocado, pineapple and yogurt will be benefic to the Capricorn and will help him staying at is healthiest.


  • During the first decan (21-31 dec) avoid charcuterie, fat cooking, frying food and dairy to prevent from skin problems.

  • In the second decan (1st-9 jan) keep a strong and healthy digestive system, favorite homemade fruit juices and soups. Replace refined products (sugar, cereals, bread) by their equivalents (complete, semi complete).

  • Strong bones in third decan (10-18 jan), eat food high in calcium such as almonds, cheddar cheese and parsley.

During this period eat at regularly hours, do not dinne too late and try to get adequate sleep.

Happy cooking!

Recipe ideas for the Capricorn:

Dreamy Spiced Moon Milk - A delicious blend of spice for capricorns!

Carrot & ginger soup, roasted chestnut, wheat germ - The perfect meal to fight the cold.

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