Egg muffins 3 ways you have to try | YouTube video

You don’t always have the time to make breakfast in the morning? You need something quick to grab while running out of the door? I know the feeling!

I have got you the easiest brekkie right here! 3 delicious protein packed egg muffins. You can make these ahead of time and refrigerate for when you need them.

In my video I will show you how to make these mini frittatas - 3 ways! And you can cook them all in the same time. Yeah!


1- Carrot + Courgette + Cauliflower + onion

2- Broccoli + Mushroom + Spinach + Onion + Garlic

3- Red Pepper + Yellow Pepper + Cherry tomato + Basil + Onion + Garlic


Feel free to add your favourite vegetables, cheese and spices too!

If you recreate this, please share them with me using #callherchef

Camille x

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