How to quit sugar | 7 tips


In 2018 our consumption of sugar do not stop increasing: FACT.

Research is linking the high consumption of refined sugars to many negative health effects, such as weight gain, blood sugar problems and an increase risk of heart disease, among other dangerous conditions.


My 7 tips will help you cutting down sugar smartly in order to be successful.


1- Read the labels.

Sugar is in a lot of packaged and processed foods, so it is very important to read labels. Sugar has many names: cane sugar, fructose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose, cane juice, beet juice, raw sugar, corn syrup, maltose, corn sweetener and more! 


2- Stop buying processed foods.

Practically everything you buy that comes in a box or bag has added sugars: juice, dressings, sauces, dried fruit, cereal, yogurt, crackers, lunch meat, and more!

It’s worth taking some time in the kitchen to cook yourself as you will be able to control the ingredients you are adding in your meals.


3- Create a week meal plan.

This is probably the most important step in quitting sugar as you will be able to plan and control your food intake. Which mean highly reducing the temptations that you could have when you are busy, tired, late or just without inspirations in the kitchen. They are known to be the situations when sugary treats/meals are consumed.

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4- Balanced meals.

Make sure you are getting plenty of lean sources of protein and healthy fats at each meal to keep you fuller for longer and to help reduce the cravings.


5- Drink more water.

Hunger can often be mistaken for dehydration; so drink lots of water.  

Always keep water by your side, so that you can sip water throughout the day. This will help you stay hydrated and full.


6- Use natural sweetener.

I am not telling you that you can never have sugar again. A healthy diet is all about balance and moderation. You can substitute your refined sugar with natural sweetener such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla beans which have wonderful sweet flavours. Or you can swap your white sugar with coconut sugar and maple syrup which are lower in calories and fuller in nutrients.

Natural sweetener are more nutrient dense than refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, but they are all still forms of sugar and high in calories, so use no more than 1 to 2 teaspoons per day.

  • Maple Syrup - 1 tsp = 14 calories

  • Coconut sugar - 1 tsp = 15 calories

  • Refined Sugar - 1 tsp = 16 calories

  • Barley malt - 1 tsp = 16 calories

  • Agave nectar - 1 tsp = 21 calories

  • Raw honey - 1 tsp = 22 calories

  • Dates - ½ Medjool Date = 33 calories


7- Motivation.

Share the news with people around you: no more refined sugar! Get your family, friends, workmates involved to help motivate each other.

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Camille x


Camille Aubert